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Zeus Merhi - Commercial Director

A bio, sort of...

A good friend once said, “Zeus, you’re not a director, you’re a visual artist.”


It took me a while to understand what that truly means. Day in and day out, that statement stuck with me as direction and working with talent is where my heart is. That being said, I always find myself reaching for the camera. Wether its to operate on sets, take stills, or just to experiment with shadow and light. Let’s face it, I'm a tech junkie and I love my toys. Ask around.


I can sit here and talk about all my accomplishments and the ladder I had to climb to get to where I am. But in all honesty, It’s the relationships with the people around that matter the most. It’s those relationships that created all the work you see on my page. From a creative's brief through frame-by-frame cuts by the editor. The collaboration between the cast & crew. The energy it takes out of an actor. The hustle a producer puts in day in and day out to make us all happy. The dance & precision of a steadicam operator. The micro movements of a gaffers lights. The millimeter rotation of a prop. MUAs, hair stylists, costume designers, art directors, sfx crews, stunts and so on. I can keep going, but you get the idea. 


So to everyone that helped get me where I am today. Thank you! And to everyone I'm about to meet throughout my journey, get ready for the polaroids and let’s have some fun!


Much love,


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